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Audio Lessons on all genres of electronic music for beginners to advanced users, possibility to work on all different DAWs with a speciality on Maschine and Logic.
The lessons take place for 1 or 2 days at your convenience in Paris or at your home, in English or in French. When it's not possible (like for quarantine) we can do it online.
Improve your arrangement and your workflow during this session. Learn more about sampling and synthesizers and how to include it well in your productions.
During the lesson we start from scratch together a new track to see all the different points of the process.

Audio Lessons about how to improve the quality of your sound to get the professional quality. The lesson can take place in Paris, or online.
We will see together how work all the different kind of plugins.
How improve your mixdowns for rendering a proper premaster. Audio is also a science, we'll see together some audio theory that can be really usefull for your knowleges while working on a track.
We can work on some of your tracks during the lesson. It's also possible to work on Sound Design and see few usefull tricks.


Get your tracks mastered by a certified sound engineer.

Possible to work on any electronic music genre.

Masterings are affordable, with discounts if there's many tracks. Possible to do Stem Masterings if the quality of your mixdown isn't enough for an optimal result.

We've already worked for : Igneon System, Djipe, Innominate, eDUB, Meccano Twins, Cancel, Artheist, Mindwalker, Unread, Sacredos Vigilia, Karbyde ...  and all the Prototypes Records releases.


Do you have a community to increase ?

Do you need more online interactions for your business ?
We can manage all your socials and help you to making you bigger on the web. We also can create a website for your business and/or manage your actual website.
If you want to get a label or already have one, we can also help you to create / manage your label.


Are you looking for fresh designs for your upcoming releases or projects ?
Your project needs a new visual identity ?

Stop wasting your time and your money : Lets us handle it !

We are working on Cinema 4D, Daz Studio, Octane render and Photoshop

to deliver you the finest and original 3D design.

The artworks are affordable, unique & exclusive

(can only be purchased once by one and only one customer).

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