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D-SRUPT Blanc.png

Location : France

Style : hardcore / Industrial

Performance : DJSet


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Julien aka D-Srupt is a real enthusiast about music, he's a French artist living in the border or Switzerland. 
After his first parties in 2004/2005, his preferences quickly turned to Hardcore, especially the Industrial side. His passion drove him fast to learn how to mix.

He played in a few clubs in Switzerland under the alias Hardnoize, he's back behind the clubs' decks in 2019. He had already the opportunity to share line-up with Detest, eDUB, Sei2ure, Meccano Twins, Sandy Warez... He played for Hardcore Mercenary, Hardsound, Cartel00, Nekrolog1k...

He then began to learn and focus on music production. 
In June 2021, he released his first track on the VA "Industrial Troopers #2" with Prototoypes Records, and by dint of work, he has joined the Prototypes Roster. He released his first EP "Critical". This artist is a hard worker, he will continue to work hard to bring you quality releases!

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