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Location : FRance 

Style : Hardcore Industrial / breakcore


Performance : DJset


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Nagazaki is a french industrial hardcore DJ/Producer.
He is mainly producing at 175bpm,
influenced by breakcore, dubstep, schranz and neurofunk.
Signed on The Third Movement and Heresy.

His own style is a mix between strong and filth hardcore kickdrums with a lot of breakbeats, kick variations, and vocals from video games / movies / tv shows / poetry.

But on stage there is no BPM limit.
Nagazaki delivers a powerfull and eclectic DJSET. From the darkest drum & bass tracks to the most crazy breakcore tunes.
One thing to remember : "In amen breaks I trust".

Artworks shop

As you may know, I'm also a graphic designer.

I'm working on every Prototypes designs.

If you are looking for a fresh designs for your upcoming

projects or releases, feel free to contact me.

Your project needs a new visual identity ? Let me handle it ! Your visuals are your first contact with your audience,

be sure to be attactive if you want a good reach.

I'm working with Cinema 4D, Daz Studio, Octane render and Photoshop to deliver you the finest and original 3D design.

Questions? Need more informations? Feel free to send me a message on Facebook/Instagram or by E-mail to

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