Location : germany

Style : Hardcore Industrial 


Performance : DJset


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After having met each other for the first time at Masters of Hardcore 2018, they soon became close friends and worked on the idea of djing and producing Industrial Hardcore.
The Zerberuz was born.
Later that year they had the opportunity to perform for Dead End Events, their local Harder Styles Event Agency.

During just 3 months they got to play multiple gigs in their hometown, performing as support for acts like Simon Sayz, Thyron or Luminite.
They quickly managed to gain the support of their local scene.
One month later they had the chance to join "PH Bookings" what helped them improving on fulfilling their dream. 

Performing at gigs like "Hong Kong Violence Germany", "Heresy Germany" or "Pokke Herrie" was a big step upon gaining attention.

Over the last months Zerberuz released a variety of Industrial Hardcore tracks and they are not thinking about resting on that. 
As a result of that lots of new tracks are already finished and a whole ton of new ones are in the making, waiting to be released.